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After a few months of subscribing to way too many newsletters and reading way too many articles on the Internet, I realize I had to change my way of consuming content to not spend my entire life-consuming. That is when I decided to build a software designed to make the choices of what I will…

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We have been told by marketing and advertisement that fiber optic gives us faster Internet thanks to the speed of light. As it turns out it is a lie. ???? What happens in a copper cable The easiest way to see that issue is to check the speed at which electrons move in copper. If…

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When I was living in France my ISP had a lot of issues connecting to YouTube especially in the evening when everybody‚Äôs coming back from work. This lead to a lot of buffering issues. To remedy those issues I devised a technique that would allow me to watch the videos in Wanted but without any…

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You just installed OBS and connect to your shiny new Logitech C920 to realize that the frame rate is garbage. This article will explain to you how to solve that issue.