Clement Roblot talks about the difference between a while(1) loop and a for(;;) loop
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I see more and more the for(;;) being used as an infinite loop, I was told it is a better way of doing an infinite loop but I am not sure why. We will see what is the difference between the two.

Clement Roblot talks about how to use arduino libraries without having to use the IDE
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I do not like using the arduino IDE at all but I love saving time by not having to re-invent the wheel. In this video we see how to take advantage of the arduino libraries without having to endure the IDE that comes with it.

Clement Roblot shows how to make Altium PDF export properly fit the page
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I’m annoyed to see soo many PCB projects not using the full page when doing an export of schematics in Altium designer. Here is a quick tutorial on how to get clean full page pdfs in your Altium Designer exports.

Clement Roblot Shows how to program a ublox BMD-340 on the cheap
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Trying to build a project without having to spend hundreds of dollars on gear that I wouldn’t need long term (namely for a j-link programmer) I had to figure out how to program my BMD-340 modules using what I had: an st link V2.

Clement Roblot shows how to use cron to manage a personnal newsletter
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Having had issues spending too much time on news website I decided to build myself a private newsletter that will need to be sent every days. Instead of using a server running 24/7 sending the email every day at midnight I built a system using cron and some python code to ensure the daily sending...

Clement Roblot shows how to safely test electronics that uses 220V
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Designing electronics that takes the AC main as a power source is great, for once there is no battery to manage and you can use basically as much power as you want. But you also need to be careful to not electrocute yourself. In this video, I explain what I use to develop high voltage...

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After a few months of subscribing to way too many newsletters and reading way too many articles on the Internet, I realize I had to change my way of consuming content to not spend my entire life-consuming. That is when I decided to build a software designed to make the choices of what I will…

How come fiber optics signals go at the same speed as electric signals
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We have been told by marketing and advertisement that fiber optic gives us faster Internet thanks to the speed of light. As it turns out it is a lie. ???? What happens in a copper cable The easiest way to see that issue is to check the speed at which electrons move in copper. If…

Localtube logo
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When I was living in France my ISP had a lot of issues connecting to YouTube especially in the evening when everybody’s coming back from work. This lead to a lot of buffering issues. To remedy those issues I devised a technique that would allow me to watch the videos in Wanted but without any…

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You just installed OBS and connect to your shiny new Logitech C920 to realize that the frame rate is garbage. This article will explain to you how to solve that issue.