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Our Expert Skills

Embedded developpement90%
Backend developpement80%
PCB design70%

Our Work Experience

Working on diverse project mostly using C, C++/Qt, python :
● Kurrant / uCIFI: Technical Project Manager
● Arinfo: Taught a 3-months class for scientists to re-orient their career towards the embedded development world [Teaching C, C++, python]
● COMAP: implemented a security layer in the embedded software of a new cloud connected thermostatic head [embedded C, security]
● Quizflip: developed the embedded software of the first digital flashcard using 2 e-paper screens [embedded C, python, react-native]
● Ineosense: Upgraded a testing tool for communication and reprogramming of IOT products [C++ and Qt]
● Unigrid: modularization of a home automation product interface [C++ and Qt]
● Visionlive: created a differential measure tool between 2 GPS tracker to find the travel time between 2 bike runners [python]
● TBC-France: designed an API simulator to test the communication between a security robot and it's cloud-based control platform


Senior Software Engineering Consultant

October 2017- Present

Full Stack Developer

March 2019- October 2019


Developed a platform to facilitate the planning of meetings and the edition of invoices for freelancers and very small companies: suiseki.io.Developed a platform to facilitate the planning of meetings and the edition of invoices for freelancers and very small companies: suiseki.cc.

● Developed the evolutions (bug correction in preexisting code base and development of new features) of the livecore video switcher/mixer platform (C on ARM M3) [4K video, custom output formats, areas of interests, automatic image splitting in multi output screens, output mapping in screens, etc...].
● Designed an EDID (256 bytes memory inside displays) editor using QT. This software have since been used and recommended by many industry leaders.
● Improved an internal control, debug and analysis tool in C# used on all the analog way products (stabilization of existing application and development of new features).
● Implementation of an internal versioning server now used for all the R&D projects (gitlab on a debian server).


Embedded Software Engineer

Analog Way
October 2014 - September 2017

Drone designerDrone designer

March 2014- August 2014


● Implemented the paparazzi autopilot on an ornithopter (flapping drone).
● Improved an ESC for inconsistent load systems like flapping robots.
● Built the first ornithopter capable of flying fully autonomously outside.

What People Say

Sophie Le Borgne

Head of the Arinfo Nantes training center

We called on Clément for training in Python, C, C ++ and embedded systems and are delighted with his service. The context was not obvious because he had to intervene in a very short time and with very different levels. Clément was able to adapt to our request and to the group by showing great professionalism, particularly in the preparation of his lessons. The interns were very satisfied with his service and so were we! Thank you Clément!

Youri Le Cottier


Missions: Implementation of a homemade API in a client / server simulator (python / QT / socketIO) according to a specification. Contribution to the definition of the specifications of an on-board autonomous robot software. Team training in python, git and project management workflows. Impressions: Good contact with Clément. Friendly and available. Deliverables in accordance with specifications.

Brieg De Quelen

Analog Way

I worked with Clément on the video mixer switch at analog way. He was able to take charge of the project already under development and quickly adapt to the development environment to deliver the requested functionality.

Jean-Sébastien Navarro

Nantes R&D Manager at Analog Way

A major bug that appeared on our large account customer installations requiring urgent intervention. All our R&D resources being occupied, we called on Clément who made himself available very quickly. Through his experience in embedded systems, he was able to analyze and correct our equipment by integrating perfectly into our development processes. His intervention allowed us to recover markets that had been blocked for several months.

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