The fl!p

The fl!p


Quizflip is a French startup envisioning to revolutionize the way we learn by designing a digital flash card using 2 e-ink displays mounted back-to-back.

Such a device requires a lot of embedded software development, it is in that functions that they asked me to give them a hand.

A few improvements were made to the already existing systems like for instance the movement detection system making it more robust. Then implementing features one by one allowed us to develop a strong product with the attended simplicity of use allowing to user to focus on the learning.

Being involved at every stages of the project from the embedded side of the device to the front end mobile app side in react native allowed me to have a vision over the protocols and the way every parts communicates allowing fast development and to make choices in the best interest of the project, by for instance delegating intensive calculations out of the embedded device and onto the smartphone.

This depends on a number of factors among : expected connectivity, price point of the final product, power saving requirements and miniaturisation constraints.

Although we are experts in hardware design, we have the ability to design most of the digital hardware designs, this will cover most of today’s IOT products.

We are not experts in this field, but if needed we have the ability to develop simple apps using cross platform technologies like react native.

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